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Choose from the following list of flavour options for our mini cupcakes, cupcakes, cakes or wedding cakes.  

For the Vanilla Bean and Chocolate choose a frosting for the center and outside.  

Our other flavours have been already paired with the frosting option, but you may choose a different one if so desired.

Sliced Decadence cakes & cupcakes are baked from scratch using the finest and freshest ingredients found in Saskatoon.  

We use Callebaut chocolate, natural pure vanilla, seeds from the vanilla bean pod, real butter, seasonal fresh fruits and we take measures to ensure that NO ARTIFICAL FLAVOURS OR COLORS are used.

All colours are made with berries or our SUPERFOOD powders.  We can create shades of pinks, purples, oranges, greys, blues, black and some greens.

We use an authentic Italian Meringue buttercream which is a silky, rich and not too sweet frosting.

Vanilla Bean

~Silky and rich pure vanilla cake filled and covered with your choice of frosting.



~Chocolate and Vanilla Bean swirled together to make a moist marble cake with your choice of frosting.



~Rich and moist Callebaut chocolate cake with your choice of frosting.


Frosting Options:

Pure Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Mocha, Mocha Cream Cheese, Vanilla Cream Cheese, Lemon,

White Chocolate, Maple.

Strawberry (light pink), Raspberry (bright pink) and Blueberry (purple)

** 100% Fresh and Natural Berry Frosting **

Lemon Blueberry

~Lemon cake created with fresh lemons and baked with blueberries with a lemon buttercream frosting.


Vanilla Latte

~Silky pure vanilla cake soaked in sweet coffee with a mocha cream cheese frosting.


Saskatoon Berry Cream

~Silky pure vanilla cake with Saskatoon berries baked in and smothered in a vanilla cream cheese frosting.


Chocolate Mousse

~Chocolate cake filled with a fluffy, rich and decadent chocolate mousse and paired with a chocolate buttercream.


Caramel Brownie

~Chocolate cake with chunks of  brownie and caramel sauce between layers with a chocolate buttercream.


Chocolate Coconut Cream

~Smooth chocolate cake with a vanilla cream cheese frosting covered in shaved coconut.

Brown Sugar Carrot

~Brown sugar carrot cake exploding with cinnamon and filled with a vanilla bean cream cheese icing.


Cinnamon Bun

~Maple & cinnamon swirled vanilla cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting.


Pumpkin Gingerbread  (seasonal ~ Fall)

~Flavourful and moist pumpkin cake, having all the tastes of fall, its filled with a rich caramel sauce and cream cheese frosting.

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