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Sherry Sawatzky


Sherry Sawatzky was a cook/baker for five years in Calgary. Working in the catering industry in Calgary during the winter and running a mobile kitchen in Northern B.C for the summer.

Now that she resides in Saskatoon she is excited and passionate about creating decadent cakes.


Sherry is a full time mom during the day and a dedicated baker at night.  She made a commercial bakery inside her home so she could be a stay at home mom and continue to follow her passion for making decadent cakes.


Sherry has always been interested in designing and creating beautiful and flavourful food and her focus has been on cakes for the last 17 years. Cake should always be moist and packed full of flavour with a perfect balance between cake, filling and frosting. During the past 17 years she has mastered the beautiful Itailian Meringue Buttercream she uses on all her cakes.

 There are so many different styles and textures that can be created using buttercream and Sherry is dedicated to master them all.

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